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Years Experience In Pool Service.

About Water’s Edge Pool Service, LLC

Simplify Pool Maintenance with Our Expert Services

With over 30 years of combined experience in the pool industry, our journey has been filled with countless pools transformed, satisfied smiles, and a passion for what we do. Each member of our team brings their unique skills and expertise, but what unites us is our dedication to exceeding your expectations. We’re not just here to provide services; we’re here to build relationships. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

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  • Regular Cleaning and Skimming
  • Brushing and Vacuuming

Experienced Technicians

Our team consists of certified and experienced pool technicians who are knowledgeable.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not completely happy with our service, we'll work.


24/7 hours clients support

We offer flexible service plans that can be tailored to your specific preferences and pool.

Our Best Services

Our Best Pool Services For You!

Why Choose Us

Your Pool & Spa Knowledge Hub

We appreciate the trust placed in us when allowing us to serve you and your families with your pool and spa needs. Therefore, not only do we want to ensure that we’re your first choice for exceptional service, but that we are also your go-to for Q&A’s, helpful and informative content to expand your personal pool and spa knowledge, information about cutting edge technology, and products that can help to streamline and update your systems.

Weekly Pool Cleanings – Year Round and Seasonal

Weekly Spa Cleanings – Year around and Seasonal

Cleaning and Maintenance of Water Features, such as Waterfalls and Fountains

Pool/Spa/ Water Feature Openings and Closings

Team Members

Our Professional Expert

More About Us Our Company

Quality Service, Crystal Clear Results

We specialize in providing top-notch pool service and maintenance to ensure your pool remains a safe, clean, and inviting space for relaxation and recreation.

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I can certainly help you create a basic outline for a customized pool service plan, but please keep in mind that a truly customized

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Expert Team Members


Our Satisfied Customers


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“Our knowledgeable technicians are happy to provide tips and advice on pool care, helping you understand how to best maintain your pool between service.”

Alex Michel

Ui/Ux Designer


“We're here to make pool maintenance easy & hassle free for you. Contact us today to schedule a service or to learn more about our maintenance plan.”

Jonson Charles

Ui/Ux Designer


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