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Preferred Waste Solution (PWS) Valet Trash | Doorstep Services

Fast, efficient, and honest – Preferred Waste Solution (PWS) Valet Trash has become a reputable and well-known sanitation removal service. Our team is up for every job and with the skill and experience needed to get the job done. Customers be satisfied with our work. There will always be an open line of communication. Never worry about taking your trash to the dumpster area. Just place it outside your front door and we will do the rest. We will keep your area clean making sure we pick up all loose debris.

Benefits of valet service: No more tugging trash down 3-4 flights of stairs, prevent an injury due to hauling heavy bags down the stairs, and keep your complex clean.


All trash must be in heavy-duty trash bags to prevent breaking or tearing.

Customize your service up to 5 days per week.

Holiday Schedule (On all major holidays, our service will be delayed by one day)

Martin Luther King Jr -January

Memorial Day – May

Independence Day-July

Labor Day – September

Thanksgiving Day – November

Christmas Day – December

New Year’s Day – January¬†