During my 42 years of practice, I have observed a continuous increase in the price of orthotics. In 1980, the average cost of a pair of orthotics was $90 to $125. Since then, the price has risen significantly due to material costs, shipping costs, and, in some cases, employee costs, as many orthotic labs have unionized. I have consulted with patients all over the United States and reviewed pictures of their feet and orthotics. I have been using orthotics from the same laboratory for over 40 years. During one consult, the person sent me a picture of his orthotics. These were from the same laboratory I used. These cost the patient $1500 in California. My mission is to provide you with a custom orthotic from the same laboratory at a reasonable price.
This will include a biomechanical exam through video upload or FaceTime call, as well as a review of pictures or your feet with markers indicating where the painful area are , and circling of any calluses or lesions. We will make you a pair of orthotics that address your specific needs for the shoes you want to wear. This is at a price less than ½ what these devices sell for. I also have a 3D Scanner for those customers in Naples, Florida in the winter months and those in Michigan in the summer months. I do sometimes travel when making 30 pair of orthotics or more.


Dr. Stern is a retired board-certified foot specialist who practiced from 1980 to 2022 in Michigan. He attended the Ohio School of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He completed his surgical residency in Detroit. He is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Michigan Podiatric Medical Association as well as a past fellow in the American Board of Podiatic Surgery, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery and the American Professional Wound Care Society. He served as a podiatric medical consultant for Blue Cross – Blue Shield of Michigan from 2002-2005 and continued as a consultant until January 2023. Over his 42 years of practice in the Detroit, Michigan area, he treated over 65,000 patients and helped educate and train many new practitioners.
Dr. Stern was one of the few preceptors approved by the State of Michigan to assist podiatrists in obtaining their licensure. Although Dr. Stern treated conservatively and surgically all foot and ankle conditions, he focused on studying heel pain syndromes for the last 30 years of his practice. He wrote and lectured on this subject and designed a hybrid orthotic specifically for combination heel pain syndromes. (Read our article on Heel Pain Syndromes)


Our goal is to get you a 100% custom orthotic made exclusively for your feet at a reasonable price. Once you decide to try our custom orthotic and biomechanical exam, we will send out a box to make foam impressions of both feet and return label to send them to the orthotic laboratory. The instructional video on how to make foam impressions is below. We are able to do a 3D scan of both feet if you are local to me. (Naples, Florida in winter and Michigan in summer) (Remember I am retired) When you upload a video on our order page of you walking first from the front and secondly from the rear I am able to determine how your foot functions through gait and the control you will need.

When you upload pictures of your feet with an “X” in all painful areas and circles around any calluses I am able to put the exact accommodations on the orthotics to off load these areas. Instructional videos are below. 

The orthotics are shipped to your residence in about 2 weeks. We make are orthotics out of Procarboline a semi flexible material. Occasionally we recommend a firmer material graphite like for a small upcharge.





Foam Box