Our CHILDREN are young for a little while but ADULTS for a LIFETIME

Parents, Teachers, Educators: We have something to share with you………………

Q & A

Q. What does DLGloveMusic do?
A. DLGM creates music with a positive message for children and families. Our music helps adults and children open constructive channels of communication.

Q. To whom is this music targeted?
A. Our music is targeted toward children ages 7 seconds, 7 minutes, hours, months, years, seventeen….you get the point, into adulthood. With an upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics, we hope the music to be enjoyable and friendly to all family members.

Q. How does the music help adults and children to communicate? 
A. Each song has positive, inspiring lyrics that touch on issues parents and children face. Adults can use the song lyrics to open discussions with their children.

Q. What’s the most important goal for DLGM? 
A. To spark positive communication between adults and children.

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Parents , Teachers , Educators consider the video below for suggestions to addressing "Family Communication and the Benefits

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